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Building and launching digital products is overwhelming. There are so many ways to get started that most people don't get past that first step.

The old way:

  • Take two weeks pouring through forums and blog posts trying to figure out what framework/tool/web technology to learn
  • Look for shortcuts, find templates that are bulky and hard to customize, or boilerplate apps that will have you wishing you started from scratch
  • See a new trendy app framework and try to dive in, only to realize you don't have the pre-requisite skills and there are actually a ton of tradeoffs
  • Finally cobble together an MVP, and launch on Twitter and Product Hunt to crickets. Go back to step 1

The new way? Let me do all the frustrating stuff for you, focus on what matters. Here's what's in the LM membership:

🚀 Launch starters: better than boilerplates and less cumbersome than templates, these frameworks are battled-tested and used in the products I build. The goal? Take a specific kind of app, and make it easy to customize and launch as quickly as possible. Click the 'Starters' button in the banner above for more details.

🎥 Tutorials: Resources and guides to get from a launch starter to a finished product

🗣 Access to community forum: launch with like-minded people building similar products

📅 Weekly updates: As I'm building, I'll be sharing everything I learn along the way. Community members get in-depth updates and my customer-discovery plan, which doesn't go on the public site

😎 Product access: first access and discounts to all of the things I build

Join the community and start building a product you'll actually launch.