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⏱ Launched on

Oct 18, 2020

💵 Revenue


The problem:

Notion is a really powerful app for pages/tables/thoughts/quotes/etc, so I've moved most of my to-do items and project management over to them. But the lack of API means it's really hard to pull information in from outside sources.

The idea:

Create an embedded view in Notion to get important metrics into pages. Ideally onces that relate to starting a business: email subscribers, monthly revenue, bank balance, etc


Because this involves an embed code generator, the app will have to have some coded components. I'll rely on Bubble for the front end and database, but most of the moving parts will need to be in node.js.


I'm going to start out sharing this within the "Notion community" - power users who are the most likely to see the value and be early adopters.