Best tools for building a startup without code: Carrd vs Webflow vs Bubble

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May 21, 2019

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The problem:

The world of code-free app building is moving quickly, so it's hard to determine which tools for building sites/apps are best for a certain use case. Since tools tend to have features that overlap, it's important to figure out the limitations of each to know which will be able to build a functional MVP.

The video:

The video above highlights the three most powerful and effective site/app builders for different ideas. I wanted to show how dynamic content and database functionality really differs between the platforms and when you'd need more or less depending on what idea you were building. Hopefully I managed to accomplish that in a brisk 26 minutes 😅

Why this (initially) failed: When I launched this video, I didn't do a good enough job driving traffic to it. Long Youtube videos are hard to post to other sites, because unless your audience is really locked in for a 30 minute comparison video, it flies in the face of short, quickly consumable content they're used to. While it initially failed to get many views, the Youtube algorithm picked up over time, and that coupled with the rise of the no-code movement has led to a pretty decent amount of views currently.